Trust & Estate Lawyer

Griesing Law’s Trusts & Estates lawyers in Cincinnati are dedicated to meeting the personal needs of our clients with their estate planning and family law needs. Our attorneys are keenly aware that decisions made on estate planning as well as family law matters may be emotionally charged, stressful and have long-lasting effects on your family. We cannot always predict life events but we help you to plan for your family as well as help you to handle family and estate needs as they arise. We provide our clients with the information and guidance in order make informed choices and to achieve the most positive outcome in their case. We pride ourselves on being sensitive and responsive to all of our client’s needs – whether emotional or financial. We offer quality legal representation underpinned with sensitivity, understanding and compassion.

Trust & Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning Services range from simple, yet essential estate planning for every phase of life (from college through retirement), to more innovative and sophisticated planning needs. Our goal is to customize each client’s needs to address the basic goals of accumulation, preservation, administration and tax-efficient distribution of wealth. The estate planning documents that we prepare are based upon each clients’ expectations and are customized to their particular needs. It is our goal to get to know our clients on a more personal level so that we can truly understand their individual needs as well as the needs for their families and their businesses. We work with our clients in reviewing the benefits, risks, complexity and practical aspects of every plan. The estate planning techniques and tools that we use are designed to minimize taxes and maximize asset protection. But more important, we strive to make sure that our clients understand their estate plan and to work with them to update and adapt the estate plan as their family dynamics change over the years. We educate our clients on realistic expectations of what to expect, lessen disputes or misunderstandings and make sure that common mistakes that business owners often make are avoided. We invest the time in educating and truly counseling our clients. Our goal is to not only work with you but also work with your family from generation to generation. We will become your family advisor to assist you with planning, implementation and administration of your estate plan.

Our Basic Estate Planning Services include the preparation and implementation, of the following vital planning documents: wills (with testamentary issues trusts if applicable), powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, living wills and HIPAA authorizations. These are documents that every client, regardless of age or family dynamics, should have. They are essential to protect and provide for one’s family.

Our Advanced Estate Planning Services include preparation and implementation of Basic Estate Planning Documents as well as preparation and implementation of trusts, family limited liability partnership formations, family limited liability formation, and business succession planning documents. We work with each client to address tax issues, complex family dynamics as well as business planning services.

Estate Administration

When the time comes, we assist and guide our clients through the emotionally charged and sometime difficult estate administration process. This includes preparing any documents required by the courts as well as assisting with the preparation and filing of estate and inheritance tax returns, the collection of assets and payment of debts, protection of the estate plan adopted by the decedent as well as other aspects of the estate administration and probate process. We also review with clients the various tax elections, disclaimer options and other post-death planning needs, including updating estate plans and business succession plans.

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