Fara A. Cohen Shares Law Firm Tips for Millennial Attorneys in The Legal Intelligencer

Fara A Cohen, Associate in the Firm’s Commercial Litigation practice group, led and moderated the Young Lawyers Roundtable discussion at our Philadelphia office on March 22, 2018. In the roundtable, our senior leadership offered advice to law students and first years associates on how to succeed at law firms as a junior attorney. Managing Member Francine Griesing, Member Edward Fisher, Member Pamela Harper and Of Counsel Cheryl Borland all participated in the discussion.

Takeaways from the Young Lawyers Roundtable were included in Fara’s article published in The Legal Intelligencer, entitled “Millennial Attorneys: How to Make Your First Year Work for You”. In her article, Fara shares four tips for first year associates:

1. Communication Is Key
2. Pay Attention to the Balance of Power
3. Attract a Sponsor
4. Build Your Brand

Click here to read the full article in The Legal Intelligencer (subscription required).

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