Our New Office Profiled in The Legal Intelligencer

The Legal Intelligencer including our recent move to 1880 John F. Kennedy Boulevard in the article, “Griesing Law’s New Office Space is Designed for Collaboration.” The piece features a slideshow with photos of our new office as well as a discussion of our decision to move to a space that creates a more congenial and collaborative environment and better accommodates our flexible work schedules.

Jessica Mazzeo, Chief Operating Office of the Firm, shares the office benefits: “It’s still in the same part of the city [as the firm’s previous office] and it has ease of access for everyone who works here… We have this nice circle space. We collaborate a lot and this gives us a closer sense of feeling for when people are actually in the office.”

Francine Griesing, Founder and Managing Member of the Firm, comments on the adjustment to the new space: “I wasn’t sure how people would feel about having offices that are half the size. They seem to really like the closeness. Everyone here seems to be really happy with that and feeling that they’re more intimate because when we had such a vast space and so many people worked remotely you could be there and not see a person for hours because we were so spread out.”

Click here to read the full article in The Legal Intelligencer (subscription required).

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